“Our natural state of bliss is obscured by our thoughts, feelings, emotions, judgment, criticism, likes, dislikes, and trauma. That’s why people are suffering. This book brings a practical approach to unfolding inner happiness and joy through a clinical approach to Ayurveda. It is a helpful guide to every Ayurvedic individual who seeks happiness.”
Vasant Lad, BAM&S, MASc, Ayurvedic Physician
Author of Ayurveda: Science of Self-Healing: A Practical Guide and
Textbook of Ayurveda

“Happiness resides within us, but we have forgotten how to access it and instead run after all the new gadgets and glitter of information technology. Dr. Vijay Jain  and Ambika Devi unfold the yogic secrets of uncompromised and unshakeable peace and happiness so that we can move beyond all dependencies and additions. This book makes for fascinating reading, providing many practical tools and transformative insights as how to discover the Ananda, or bliss, that is our true immortal nature.”
Dr. David Frawley, Director, American Institute of Vedic Studies
Teacher of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Jyotish
Padma Bhushan Awardee
Author of Shiva, the Lord of Yoga and over thirty other books

“Happiness is our true nature, but the ego-mind hides this with attachments, aversions, and emotions, which create illness and depression. Ambika and Vijay reveal the insightful ancient teachings of yogic and Ayurvedic lifestyle that removes the obstacles to inner happiness, performing miracles in healing. Through their knowledge and inspiring personal stories you will learn how to provide the right conditions to naturally unfold into the state of happiness. This book will touch your heart and transform your life.”
Yogi Amrit Desai, International Yoga Grand Master
Founder of Kripalu Yoga and Spiritual Leader of the Amrit Yoga Institute

“Unfolding Happiness is an extraordinary book—a beautiful rendering of ancient wisdom updated through a modern lens. The authors are well-versed in the subject, yet the book is far from a dry exposition. The authors have effectively woven personal stories and practical tips into every chapter, taking readers on a journey towards unfolding happiness. No matter where you are in your life, there is a gift for you in these pages.”
Susan S. Freeman, Founder and President of “Step Up Leader,”
Author, and Speaker

“Enjoyable and interactive, Unfolding Happiness illustrates and reveals the possibility of living life as a joyous celebration through communicating with readers. The Sanskrit glossary, with simple translations, enhances the usability of the book for Ayurveda and Yoga readers seeking health as the foundation of happiness.”
Dr. B.V.K. Sastry, Yoga-Samskrutham University

“Ambika and Vijay keep it REAL! Their heartfelt stories about the small victories and the pursuit of happiness hit just the right spot.”
Dave Romanelli, Author of Happy is the New Healthy

“When I think about happiness now, after recently reading the intriguing words of Unfolding Happiness by Ambika Devi and Dr. Vijay Jain, new ideas on the subject float through my mind like kites or party balloons, or confetti in a parade. They urge me on to explore, ruminate, play, and luxuriate in the fantastic plethora of newfound wisdom they offer that wafts up in a fantastical celebration of frontal cortex enlightenment and bliss. This is not the usual tired, recycled wisdom one typically encounters in similar books of this genre. As you might guess, I can’t recommend this book highly enough, and sincerely thank the authors for such a thoughtful and insightful analysis of all that happiness means in our individual voyages through life.”

Dr. Patagonia, poet

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Vijay Jain, MD practiced general surgery for more than 40 years and has been practicing and teaching Ayurvedic medicine for the last 20 years. He lectures on how to create optimum health using the principles
of Ayurveda. Here he shares his own personal story of healing from an autoimmune disease and the path to happiness. His integrative medical practice  is in Palm Coast, Florida.

For classes and schedule: www.VijayJainMD.com 

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Unfolding Happiness is a beautiful introduction to Ayurveda. In it, Ambika and Vijay share their heartfelt stories and guidance that lead you to a state of happiness and understanding what healthy truly is. This knowledge blossoms forth through the wisdom of Ayurveda and her sister sciences of Yoga and Meditation and our cosmic connection to nature.

Things you can try at home and a concise Sanskrit glossary make this a must read!

Available in paperback, digital and audiobook here.

Ambika Devi, MA has taught meditation and holistic health for more than three decades. Her pockets are filled with degrees including an MA in Yoga Vedanta Education and a BS in Astrology. Ambika’s first novel Lilith won finalist in the International Book Awards. Here she shares how
Ayurveda has unfolded mysteries and increased intuition that have brought great healing and opened her path to happiness. 

Contact Ambika for Consultations and Speaking Engagements.

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