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LluminationThe Quest

In 2000 I was engaged by Alexa Young to help her create the visuals for her unique  board game: Llumination which is based on the Tarot. I created the digital artwork for the game board and all the images for the cards. Alexa trained me to facilitate the game and I became one of the first Starlight workers able to conduct group experiences.

Playing Llumination is a life-changing experience!

Parties $350 minimum for up to 2 hours.

$150 per each additional hour, $80 per additional half hour.

Additional travel expenses not included call for price quotes.

Tarot Consultations

The ancient art of divination based on the Kabala.

The deck of 78 Tarot Cards contains information of the past, present and future. The power of random as fate in the tradition of Carl Jung is utilized to interpret the many aspects of your life. This is as much a healing session as it is a journey in self discovery. Guidance is here for you! Ask Questions, receive answers. Administered in private sessions, available for parties.   
Private session $150 per hour. $85 for 30 minutes.
Parties $350 minimum for up to 2 hours.

$150 per each additional hour, $85 per additional half hour.
Additional travel expenses not included call for price quotes.

III a. Within the Minor Arcana deck are the People Cards,

which describe the people we are and the people we encounter.

By reading a spread of the cards after you shuffle them, a story emerges. I present this in the form of a myth about the current situations in the life of the seeker. In addition I answer specific questions.

I have been a teacher all of my adult life and taught college for eighteen years. I bring years of counseling experience and teaching to my sessions. Whether conducting a quick three to five minute mini reading at a party or a full hour consultation, my clients leave feeling self actualized, happier and more attuned with themselves. Venues where I have given consultation over the years include: Corporate events, Private parties, Restaurants, Tea houses, Coffee houses and of course my office. I have fit into many themes with my many costumes and looks and have had thousands of happy clients over the years.

The 0 Card,

The 0 card of the Major Arcana is the Fool. This card is so unique that it is considered a deck unto itself. When the Fool shows up for a reading, he reminds us to completely trust and allow ourselves to be guided by a divine force of love.

I. The Major Arcana,

which represents the Higher realms of Consciousness, Cosmic Principals and Spirit.

My description of the Tarot Deck:

The Tarot deck consists of  78 pictures in the form of a deck of cards. They are divided into three groups:

My Belief regarding Tarot

By offering Tarot Readings I am integrating these concepts:
Our paths of healing and discovery are one and the same. We as individuals perceive and grow in our own unique ways. The answers are always there, we only need to ask and then receive the answers.

III. The Minor Arcana, 

which  represents the Physical Realm and all things tangible. This Deck  is divided into Four groups just as modern day playing cards which embody the
Elemental energies of Fire, our passion,  Water our emotions, Earth our material, and Air our thoughts.

Triggered by the amazing imagery of my first Rider Waite deck, I pursued study and knowledge of the

mysteries of Numerology and Astrology. By age 14, I was able to construct the mappings of Astrological

charts and incorporated this into my fast growing number of requests for consultations.

In 2013 I published my novel Lilith in which the lead character reads Tarot! I utilize the cards everyday as

inspiration for meditation and lead a monthly Tarot Get-together in south Florida.

As a young adult I studied many healing techniques, accrued numerous certifications and diplomas,

worked in healing clinics and doctor’s offices offering energy work and therapeutic massage. Upon

graduation from NorthStar College of Astrological Studies in 2002, I appeared on the TLC, The Learning

Channel, as a relationship expert. In addition I guided a sales team from IBM as a strategist.


For years I was in residence at the J.W. Marriott in Scottsdale, Arizona as their Shaman in residence. This

involved seeing clients in their spa for consultations using Tarot, Astrology, leading meditations and

administering Shamanic Healing. I was given the name Chica de las Estrellas, when published in periodicals. My columns appeared in the Spanglish Times and were syndicated in Mi Gente News Magazine. In 2008 I worked in residence as an expert advisor at the El Dorado Seaside Resort and Hidden Beach Resort in Quintana Roo, México.

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I picked up my first deck of Tarot cards at the age of 7, began reading professionally in 1972 and am a Certified Grand Tarot Master with the Tarot Guild. In 2003 I graduated with honors from NorthStar University of Astrology, have been a featured Relationship Expert on The Learning Channel and write for periodicals. I taught Holistic Health for three universities over a span of 21 years while coaching and bringing healing to thousands of clients. I am an award winning author with two books and your passionate guide on the mystic journey of self-empowerment.