Ambika Devi
Ambika Devi
Tribe of 2
Ambika Devi
Ambika Devi

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Ambika Devi

Ambika is signed to the Invincible Music Label and has recorded on many Artists’ projects. Her live performances range from devotional Kirtana and Sweat Lodges to 5 Star Resorts and America West Arena. She has played devotional music in Sweat Lodges for the Peace Weavers and Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow of the Tiwa Tribe, Ashrams including Kripalu, BlueStar, Sivananda, and Healing Centers including Heart of the Goddess and the WILD Women. Her ability to integrate Astrology and Healing into her signature workshops and Kirtans transform you with Breath, Sounds, Chants, and World Percussion to super charge energy and increase intuition.

Ambika Devi

Tribe of 2 is an acoustic duo, together since 1995, dedicated to diverse styles of music. Amy Ford and Brent Scherer unite to share their similar back rounds in rhythm, melody and groove and a love for improvisation as well as an eclectic taste in music ranging from Jazz to Rock and Flamenco to Reggae. 

Amy grooves on Latin drums while singing in English y Español. Brent weaves his wondrous guitar stylings through her romantic refrains. The message of their musical choices is positive, empowering and full of amor! We invite you to enjoy the suave stylings of Tribe of 2 as they share their música with you! 

Tribe of 2 has been performing in the Phoenix Valley of the Sun at Five Star Resorts, Country Clubs and Mansions for private and corporate events since 1996. They have entertained for Club Med both in Cancún and Ixtapa México. Their romantic style is a favorite for weddings, wine tastings and dinner parties. Amy and Brent have been heard many radio including WDIY 88.1 FM, WMUH 91.7 FM and WXPN 88.5 FM in the Philadelphia listening area as well as KZON 101.5 FM and MST-AZ on 1280 AM in the Phoenix Valley. They have extensive experience performing in and leading many types of bands including Rock, Flamenco, R&B, Jazz, Folk, Reggae, Calypso and Percussion Ensembles. 

Amy and Brent are featured artists on many recordings. Each of them has worked on a variety of projects with prominent artists as well as on their own individual productions. In 1995 Amy released her first solo CD entitled "Last Night’s Dream", a rhythmic weaving of instrumental percussion in which she blends ancient ancestral sounds with modern improvisation. In 1999 the duo released "Tribe of 2", their first collaborative recording, a compilation of original songs and unique Po’Jazz. In 2000, Brent released, "Roya", a collection of Original compositions and Latin covers. In 2004 Brent released, "En Vivo y en Concierto", delicious Spanish guitar The duo has two current releases. "Night Music", is a collection of covers showcasing the versatility of their repertoire, both instrumentally and vocally. "En Vivo", is a live concert of Música Español. They are currently creating a studio recording of their favorite Música Romántica. Amy’s Reggae Project, "Sol Reggae", features Brent’s inimitable guitar styling and smokin’ leads! 

Tribe of 2's style creates the perfect background for any occasion, clear enough for the most intimate spaces, yet dynamic enough for larger venues. Suave y agradable! 

Tribe of 2 looks forward to sharing their música with you!

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Tribe of 2

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Ambika's Music

Ambika began her music career with the name Amy. She has been singing and dancing since the age of two and a half. Her first words were a song accompanied by a dance routine. She has been singing and dancing ever since. Her command of percussion was first expressed through dance styles including: African, Jazz, Tap and Ballet. Currently she is an instructor of Salsa, Bachata and Merengue Zumba and Yoga. 

Amy has studied West African style drumming with numerous Master Drummers from around the world including: Babatundi Olatunji, Sanga of the Valley, Atchade Asongba, Tyrone Davis. She further studied Latin style with Frank Williams and Dom Moio and Middle Eastern style with Glen Velez, Layne Redmond, Eric Zang. Her drumming kept the beat for Arthur Hull as she assisted him in Drum circles and workshops.

Amy’s vocals are smooth and silky with an underlying power drive. Her range is contralto. She has studied Voice and Music Theory with Master Teacher Art Weinstein, Dave Stroud, Vanessa Purdy and Marci Harwood. Guitar was the first instrument she chose as a writing tool and has been playing since the age of twelve. Just recently she picked up the bass. 

Her creative writer goes beyond the newspaper and magazine articles she has published and finds and resides in her lyrics.  Subjects Amy loves to express include her views on life, humor and multi cultural issues which take form in Prose, poetry, song and Po' Jazz. Currently Amy is working on a book and a recording project for the Invincible Music Label.

When in Arizona, Amy performs with "Tribe of 2" her duo partnered with El Cuervo de desierto, Brent Scherer. The pair fuse together styles to produce Música Nuevo Español. This usnique style blends together acoustic jazz and reggae, flavored with Latin percussion, Bossa Nova, Spanish Flamenco and méxican Folklorica. The pair combine these styles together to create a distinctive Southwestern Gypsy sound. 

Amy’s past bands include “Caravan” and “Madrid” her trios, who played Southwestern instrumental and vocal music including a beautiful blend of Latin Jazz, Bossa Nova and Pop with the flavor of Flamenco. Big bands Amy has played with include, “The Cosmopolitans,” voted one of Phoenix Arizona’s best Big Bands, the Mesa Community Salsa Orchestra, SRO, Chris Putrino Band and the Encore Orchestra. She has been invited on stage to solo with Tito Puente Junior and to sing harmony with bobby Mcferrin. Her reggae project, “Sol Reggae,” embodies the righteous voice of love and peace with the soothing heartbeat of Mother Earth. The core of Sol Reggae is Amy along with Paul Harris, and her long time partner, El Cuervo, a.k.a. Brent Scherer.

Amy records on many Artists projects. She has played devotional music in Sweat Lodges for the Peace Weavers and Joseph Rael of the Tiwa Tribe, Ashrams including Kripalu and Bluestar, and Healing Centers including Heart of the Goddess and the WILD Women. She integrates Astrology, and Healing into her signature workshop, “EnCHANTment,” in which she facilitates the participants utilizing Breath, Sounds, Chants, World Percussion and Guitar and energy transference to super charge energy and open to intuition.    

Instruments in Amy's collection include: Congas and Bongos (with stands), Djembes (small, medium and large), Djun- Djun, assorted Shakers and Bells, Roland HandSonic, Cymbals, Wood Blocks and Clave, Tambourine, Frame drums, Riqs, Dumbek, Zils and Bar chimes.

Self-produced CDs in Amy’s collection include: “Last Night’s Dream,” an African influenced instrumental sound scape, “Tribe of 2", original songs and Po’ Jazz, “Night Music,” covers done in the band, Tribe of 2's and “Tribu de 2 ¡En Vivo!” a live concert of Spanish music and Música de las noche the duo’s most recent collection. Sol Reggae has an EP project entitled, “Got Sol!”, which rejoices in the Love and Peace of Reggae Music!

As Ambika Devi, is signed with Invincible Recording Studio. Together in 2010, they released "Enchantment" a special blend of sacred words and unique original music.    

Ambika’s views her work in music as a powerful tool. Her main focuses are: love, human kindness and tolerance. In 2006 she collaborated with Singer/Songwriter Eric Holland   in support of his work. The project, “Sin Fronteras” is a potent collection of Holland’s compositions. The artists involved in the project hope to create awareness about the issues of all immigrants, and the Southern Border of the United States. She will continue to sing on Eric’s future projects in hopes that the power of her voice will carry the prayers of her heart and be heard by all beings.

Ambika has conducted ongoing private and group classes since 1989 at many locations including the Stuart Center for the Arts in Stuart, FL, where she began the Shepard Park Drum Circle at the insistence of Babs Case and Phil Kavanaugh. She taught for a decade at the Bodyworks Studio in Tempe, AZ, and for a decade at Pro Drum and Percussion in Philadelphia, PA.  

Ambika is available for tracking on your projects, backing up or fronting your band, teaching residency at secondary schools and private centers as well as directing workshops and retreats for various organizations. She is an exciting performer and thorough loving teacher. She gives her students a strong foundation of knowledge and tools as she strives to communicate her beliefs in peace, unity and healing through acceptance, love and joy through sound. 

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Ambika Devi

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Ambika knows that music as a powerful healing tool and focuses her teaching and performance on love, human kindness and tolerance. She has been singing and dancing since the age of two and a half and has performed and studied with many great ones including: Babatundi Olatunji, Art Weinstein, Glen Velez, Layne Redmond, and Robert Standing Tree. Ambika kept the beat for Arthur Hull and award winning orchestras, toured with Reggae bands and led Drum circles for 25 years. Her duo Tribe of 2 was named the Best Acoustic Band in Phoenix, Arizona in 2006, known for their synthesis of styles to produce Música Nuevo Español, a unique blend of Gypsy fusion.