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Lilith is a mystical trip through dreamscapes and the streets of South Philadelphia. We follow a feisty heroine as she engages in conversations with her guardian nature spirits, has flashbacks about her family and realizations about relationships and love.

Lilith time-trips between parallel realities and lucid dreaming with a humorous look at what is going on inside the minds of men. 
Lilith paints a kaleidoscopic picture of divine feminine power, creation and what women really want.

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In the story, we follow our feisty heroine through a single day as she engages in conversations with her guardian nature spirits and has realizations about relationships, love and her childhood.  I decided to twine in a second story based on the myth of the “Fisher King.” This part of the story portrays an aspect of the Divine Masculine and the wounds inflicted on our brothers in society. In my book this is told by an alchemist, his talking parrot and his devoted assistant. This adds a new layer and dimension to the tale.

The mirror of these two myths reflects a third story about creation. To inspire this portion of the tale, I drew from the ancient myth of creation belonging to the Inca.  I adore Peru and take people there on expeditions each year. Details of this creation story are fleshed out in hallucinogenic descriptions that illustrate the dynamic powerful magnetic force which draws opposites into irresistible attraction. This theory is from my Master’s Thesis on Ardhanarishvara—this is an ancient way to explain that two halves indeed form a whole through synthesis, polarity and unification. Yes, somehow I managed to get threads in from this academic paper as well. I figured it was the only way I could get people to read it other than my professors from Hindu University of America where I received my master’s title.

The path of Lilith’s story takes us on a transcendent trip through flashbacks, memories and dreams. These unfold in conversations as the result of a chance meeting that Lilith has with a man in a cheese shop located in the Italian Market. We follow the pair on a Sunday stroll through the streets of South Philadelphia and listen in on their conversation.

Time skews as parallel universes collide, creating a tight folding in upon itself like the creases of a well-crafted burrito. Stories within stories are woven with reckless abandon until every moment converges as a single point in space. All existence magically becomes the present moment, proving that there is no such thing as time.

Lilith shares unique ideas about the origin of existence, what women want, and a candid view of what I believe is really going on inside the minds of men. I did my best to make it fun to read and to tell the story with a great deal of humor and insight.

Synopsis of Lilith June 6, 2013©Ambika Devi

“Lilith” is a 13 year project that began as an idea from my creative writing teacher, back when I was receiving my undergrad title in Astrology from NorthStar University. He posed a challenge to my class to write a book that is about Astrology but would never end up in the new Age or Occult section of a book store. For the first three years it did look a lot like a numerology book and oddly enough, the original title was Thirteen, so I was not really doing a great job of meeting the challenge. This led me to seek out a coach.

When I met Nick Ligidakis of Inkwell Productions the story began to leap from the page at me.  He lovingly instructed me through the creative process and ten years later—here we are!

“Lilith” is a modern story based on an ancient myth that came from the Sumerian culture. The original myth speaks of the boldness of the Divine Feminine and her inability to conform to the whims of man. This inspired me to develop the main character of my book named “Lilith.”

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Lilith is a mystical trip through dreamscapes and the streets of South Philadelphia. We follow a feisty

heroine as she engages in conversations with her guardian nature spirits, has flashbacks about her

family and realizations about relationships and love.

"Could there be a better way to explore mystical matters and non-ordinary reality than within a humorous tale of twists and turns in? Not likely. Lilith, scribed by the enigmatic Ambika Devi, acts as a guide over the bumps and around the bends on "the path," and into a more enlightened state of being. Hard to resist a tale like this." 

Philip Sedgwick, renowned author, screenplay writer and Astrologer. June 2013​

"Ambika Devi spins a vivid story of life taking place in single a day. The writing of “Lilith” portrays history mirroring into our daily spiritual life. It is a must read for everyone!"

Shri Manabawa Yogi and Philosopher​

Reviews of Lilith

About the Author: Ambika Devi MA

Ambika Devi surely has one thousand arms like the great goddess for whom she is a namesake. Each of the hands is involved in a creative act which is generated with intense passion. She began reading the Tarot cards and her study of Yoga as a child and has always cherished the magic of dreaming.

A permanent student and writer, Ambika Devi holds a master’s degree in yoga and bachelor’s degrees in: astrology, fine arts, holistic health and teaching. Her current research of deep relaxation induced by breath and sound for her doctoral dissertation in Vak-Yoga, takes her traveling internationally presenting to a vast array of audiences.

She has a life-long romance with the written word. Her monthly

astrological musings are syndicated on the web and her articles

are found in periodicals worldwide.

Read more about Ambika Devi here.

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"I have never, EVER met a more passionate yogini than Ambika Devi and that passion oozes from her writing. Authentic, deep, a story that ignites your spirit and busts loose your yoga soul on a joy ride. YES! YES! YES!"

David Romanelli Teaches people to “Take the Pledge to Live in the Moment.”​

"As I read, I found myself laughing with delight as I imagined one of my favorite authors Tom Robbins ticklingly whispering in Ambika Devi's receptive ear. Shades of "Jitterbug Perfume" meets "Still Life With Woodpecker" in its sacredly profane/profanely sacred verbiage scattered throughout. Although in parts, it may feel like a hallucinogenic trip into psychedelia, it arrives by way of more natural means." 

Edie Weinstein a.k.a. Bliss Mistress, is an Opti-mystic who sees the world through the eyes of possibility, a colorfully creative journalist, dynamic transformational speaker, licensed social worker, interfaith minister and radio host, as well as the author of “The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary.”

From Chapter 10 of Lilith January 22, 2007©Ambika Devi

...He realized that he had never needed to know more than the counter and cash register. After a quick transaction he would scurry home with a takeout box of deliciousness. Thami chortled and motioned him up the stairs. He pitched hard and convinced Don to stay and eat at a table. Don needed to pee, so he decided to go for it.

He climbed the twisting staircase typical of the trinity houses in his neighborhood and easily found the tiny men’s room. When he came out, there was a small table with his usual order on a china plate. A steaming cup of Turkish coffee sat next to it in an ornately painted cup on a saucer. He didn’t remember asking for the thick dark liquid but was happy to see it. He sat down and took a sip. Cinnamon, cardamom, and the tang of darkly roasted beans twirled on his taste buds like tiny ballerinas in an acrobatic circus.

Don was crunching into his first bite when the background music suddenly shifted and cranked loudly through the small space. This summoned a shimmering belly dancer into the dining area. Howls, whistles, and hairy hands waving ones and fives filled the air..

From Chapter 8 of Lilith January 22, 2007©Ambika Devi

Ripples of water rocked as if the entire world fit into a small bowl that was being shaken by a Sumo wrestler. Dark liquid lapped at the tips of mountains that never gave up their intention to protrude through the choppy surface. A piercing golden hue thrown off by a great disk of light hovered high above the stratosphere. It threw a flood of brilliant, colorful shadows on the murky sea. Deep underneath the surface, the great planet slumbered in silence, blanketed by the darkness of her depths.

"Through the voice of each storyteller a world is painted, one that has never been seen before nor ever be recreated again. Lilith unfolds a new facet with each reading and is a book to be read over and over again. As ancient tales are told through the life of a curious Philly girl and her exploits, the once oral traditions of yoga find a language in our current slang. Ambika Devi writes articulately inspired by her own well lived life and adventures and her devout study of Vedanta philosophy. Lilith is surely to be a tale read for entertainment with deeply profound learning woven into the turning of each page."  Judah Page Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator ​

"I embarked on my own visual and sensual journey as I became entranced by the adventures of Lilith. The sometimes almost commonplace and other-times otherworldly wonder of Lilith kept me enthralled page by page. The book comes alive as Ambika Devi delves into the hearts and minds of the main characters in a very unique way. Lilith is not just an awesome read, it's a subtle spiritual experience."

Debbi Lis Literature aficionado​

From Chapter 16 of Lilith January 22, 2007©Ambika Devi

“Do you think we add up?” Don said, smiling.

The sound of “we” felt awkward for a second but in spite of it, Lilith decided to answer “If I didn’t think so, I would have left you back at the cheese store!”

The Troubadour picked up his lute and began to strum a little ditty inspiring Don to have the courage to continue.   

 “If we were a song, would there be harmony?”

“Definitely.” responded Lilith.
“Would we be instrumental or is there to be a story in the lyric?”

“Oh! There is a story, for sure!” she smiled casting a glowing light in through the eye windows onto the Boardroom’s table.
“The sounds of manifestation and healing are unique to you,” whispered the Gandharva from another dimension. Lilith did not hear the words but rather a high pitched whirring sound. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Little bumps rose on her arms and she took it as a positive sign.

The golden disk yawned, spewing a green and purplish mist of tiny bubbles full of potential that turned orange and blue as they swarmed like a hive of bees toward the water. 

“Are we dead?” gurgled a feminine tone. 

“There is no such thing!” belched the masculine counterpart, this time in rust and rich umbers. 

“Uuussssssssst…tah…kah ust ust ust,” came a hissing from far in the distance, not unlike a serpent.

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Savannah was so much more than she’d ever imagined. Walking along the tree-lined streets, Lilith felt as if a dormant part of her psyche woke up and drank the soma of inspiration. In the afternoons, she walked through innumerable squares and went to museums, which took her all over the historic district.

City Market bustled with modern shops behind antique store fronts. The merchandise was secondary to her fascination with the beauty of the architecture and signage. She fell in love with all the colors and textures.

It was on a corner just off a walking plaza of shops and brew houses that she spotted a group of pedicabs waiting for fares. The driver in the center caught her eye, and she was pulled to his cab as if by a giant magnet. The others melted away.

“I would like to hire you for the afternoon,” said Lilith

matter-of-factly to the young driver. “What’s your name?”

“George,” the wiry young driver answered. He looked tired or

sheepish—she wasn’t sure.

“Can I do that?” she asked.

 “Hire me for the afternoon?” George responded. “Sure, sure. Hop in,” he said as he jumped in the saddle and backed the cab out of its slanted parking space.

A couple of blocks away, George stopped and twisted around on the seat to look her in the eyes. She had been so tired when she climbed into the throne-like seat that his adorable face had been hidden by the mist of her exhaustion. Lilith sensed the young driver wanted to cut

a deal, and she was open to anything. For the moment, she was just thankful to be off her feet and in a comfy place where she could make some notes in her journal.

“I just want to say…” George began, causing Lilith to look up from her purple pen laying an inky image of a tree against the thick, textured paper of her book.

She smiled as if to say, “Yes?”

“We’re not supposed to do this,” George continued.

“Accept a fare?” questioned Lilith with a smirk.

“It wasn’t my turn, but my buddy who was next in line said okay, so I got you.”

“Well, thanks! It’s nice to be gotten!” replied Lilith, grinning. She shifted in the seat to get a more straightforward connection with her charioteer. He was super skinny and genuinely cute. Too bad he’s way too young for me, she thought, and then asked “So, how does this work?”

“Well,” George said, “you can pay by the run, the hour, or…”

“Can we make a deal?” she cut in.

“Sure. What are you thinking? Where would you like to go?” he asked, smiling.

“I don’t have a specific place in mind, but I do know that I’d like to see a bunch of squares and some interesting architecture. I seem to have missed the Mercer House, and I promised my mom I would see it. You know, the whole movie and book thing.”

“Yeah, of course I do! Okay, well, that’s down near Forsyth, and there are a lot of squares to see on the way—both on this side and the east side.”

“I’ll leave it up to you. This is your town,” Lilith said. “Let’s visit the ones you think are cool, and make lots of stops. If you can add some storytelling, I’ll hire you for an hour or so. How does that sound?
“Good for me,” responded George.

From Chapter 22 of Lilith January 22, 2007©Ambika Devi

There was something about the Victorian buildings and the huge live oak trees in Savannah that sent Lilith into another world. The phenomenon was similar to her experiences in other historic cities

she had visited; they seemed to enhance her psychic abilities, making

it easy for her to tap into the unseen and the unknown. This happened when she’d traveled to the French Quarter in New Orleans; Paris, France; and Oia, on Santorini, in Greece.

From the moment Lilith got her license as a teen, she loved the sensation of driving and looking at the landscape drifting by. Every

year she would get the itch to travel.

She’d decided to take a break from Philly and grabbed her journal, packed up the car, and hit the road when the leaves began to turn.

Her mom had given her some money to book a room in a bed and breakfast for the getaway. Lilith was excited by the idea of sitting on

a big southern

porch, writing and drawing. Originally she had planned to meander down Skyline Drive in Virginia, but something pulled her further south to Georgia.

About the underlying concepts of the story

My book Lilith is based on three myths and inspired by my fascination with mysticism. The original leap of faith took place when I was challenged while receiving a degree in Astrology to write a book about astrology that would not end up on the divination shelf of the bookstore. I had no idea at the time that this indeed would be the seed of this novel.

The threads and imagery held within the pages of “Lilith” are all inspired by true happenings from my life. The fantasy is inspired by my rich dream world and love of the world of imagination.

Most of my work in the past few decades has been as a relationship counselor utilizing skills in Astrology and with the Tarot cards. I have learned a great deal through the years of loving people through their lessons and transitions and I wanted to bring the pearls of wisdom that have come forth through thousands of hours of session in a way that was fun summer reading. By divine magic, the pages wrote themselves and I have been gifted this opportunity to share the story of Lilith with all of you.

During the writing of the book I completed my Master’s degree in the Education of Yoga from Hindu University of America and decided to intertwine the basic theme of my master’s thesis into the pages of “Lilith” along with the original concepts. This all might sound a little crazy but somehow it all rolled together like my outside-the-box concept of time being like a burrito!

I learned a lot about patience as I allowed this story to weave itself into existence. The entire project spanned more than a decade. As I developed the theme for “Lilith” I received many coaching sessions and discussions with my incredible publisher Nick Ligidakis of Inkwell Productions. Over the years we discussed the core concepts I was working with on the book and how to dig into my psyche to bring up more. Nick always believed in my ability to get these ancient themes to work in the style of a popular novel and for this I am eternally grateful.