"I had a wonderful, incredibly informative experience with Ambika. She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I can't wait for my next session, I will definitely be booking again! " Marlene Miami, FL

"Dear Ambika, thank you for your clear advice and insight. It has been a special experience with you helping me go through my life's course and knowing which places to visit from the locational astrological insight. Also your ways of astrology are way more precise and much clearer than many astrologers I have visited. For example, in situations in life in the past, but also spot on predictions in my near future. Exact on date and time. Wow! Also, your intuition in reading tells me way more than only the placements in my charts, even though I have studied astrology myself. Thank you again!"

Roberto the Netherlands

"That was the most amazing reading I have ever had!"

Michael Port Saint Lucie, FL

"Ambika Devi gave me quick insight from the stars to that gave me insight and clarity into a difficult situation on life."

James Kinross UK

"Really great session today thank you SO much! I learned so much and got insight and a better understanding of my Astrology from a sweeter and enlighten perspective than any other session I have had with others. Thank you for the gentle pushes to learn more and become happier in my existence with some added tools and processes suggested during our session; I am confident I am able to gain back my full loving self and empowerment so that I can be a happier healthier person! thank you kindly, warm regards."

Kimberly Belize City, Belize

"Thank you so much for your care and generosity Ambika Ma !!! your readings for me have been a great blessing and Boon in my journey. You really see the Big Picture i feel, and understand a soul's multifaceted needs.
Thanks for being a Guide and a Friend at the same time, we'll stay connected for the long haul, i pray, thank you once again. It is nice to see that there are some Real Ones' out there, bless your Path, love, Abhik"

Abhik Baltimore, MD

Feedback from Astrology & Tarot clients

Policies and procedures for appointments and lessons with Ambika Devi
Following through on commitment is of the utmost importance for both you as Client and Student and for me as your instructor and Life Coach. A favorite creative spirit of mine, Woody Allen said 
“90% of success is showing up!”
Therefor, I handle my commitment and agreement with you with the maximum level of integrity.
What I promise is to be prepared, on time and completely available and attentive.
What I expect from you is to honor our agreement of stipend, to show up on time and to be ready to learn and transform.

Should you need to cancel your appointment:
I understand that sometimes a cancellation needs to happen. Here is how I handle this:
*First time appointment cancellations are accepted 24 hours in advance of the agreed on time.
*If you are a new client and cancel last minute or just don’t show up, in order to make a second attempt you must pay me in full via my on-line store in order for me to hold an appointment with you in the future. 
*If you are a new client and miss two attempts at your appointment, you owe me 50% of the agreed on price. An invoice will be sent to you via PayPal. To avoid this charge, should you still desire an appointment, you must pay in advance within 72 hours for your appointment and no additional fees are expected.
*There is no such thing as a third miss!

I believe...

Myth is the woof and weft which when woven together bring our dreams into reality. It is the story that explains the who, what, where, when, why and how of our existence. All great stories encompass a journey in which the hero is lead to a place of better knowing. Become a seeker and write your personal MYTH. Feed your psyche the maná of the gods. 

Lectures and Workshops of Self-Discovery for your spirit, mind & body!
with Ambika Devi MA
Reach beyond the boundaries of your everyday world and join me.

What people are saying about their Enlightened Journeys with Ambika

Riviera Maya, Mexico Summer of 2009

My husband and I were fortunate enough to spend 4 nights with you 2 weeks ago and I want to thank you and your staff for making our stay absolutely wonderful! I specifically would like to call out Amy Ford who was the yoga instructor visiting the week that we were there. I have enjoyed my yoga practice for many years and was looking forward to having the time on this vacation to devote to yoga.

The setting was so ideal on your beautiful dock - and having Amy as an instructor really brought it to a whole new level for me. Amy taught me a number of new tactics but more importantly her philosophy on enjoyment and "bliss" dovetailed so perfectly with all of the other amenities that you offer at Zoetry, that it rounded out the entire experience for me. I would highly recommend that you bring her back for others to share in this special experience. Thank you again,
Caroline St. Louis, MO 

I am writing on behalf of your recent yoga and dance instructor in residence, Amy Ford.  My husband and I were fortunate to find ourselves at your resort in July during the same time Amy was there.  Our trip was intended to relax and rejuvenate, this was enhanced immensely by participating in Amy's morning yoga classes.  I found her to be a wonderful instructor.  Not only was she friendly and approachable, she also had an apparent comradery with the staff. 

It was this ease and friendliness from Amy (as well as the rest of the staff) that made this trip really stand out for us.  We felt comfortable, welcome and very well taken care of.  Amy was specifically able to help me tune into the "resort" experience.   Without her conversation during class or just relaxing by the pool I would not have been able to entirely embrace the wonderful surroundings offered by your resort.  Thank you so much for providing such an engaging experience to your guests in addition to the beautiful landscape and facilities.  Warmly,
Kelli Columbus, OH

Classes in Florida

Dearest Amy-
Thank you so much for your loving and comforting words...I will take them to heart and keep going back to them.
i count you among my dearest blessings.
Love, Deb Jensen Beach, FL

Good Morning My Beautiful Friend! I want to take this moment to express to you my deepest gratitude for sharing your skills, talents, and love with me.  Perfect timing in my life as I move through my new challenges.  Your Yoga class continues to amaze me every time I practice with you.  It’s been a bit more than one year since I met you and I am truly impressed with how much you’ve grown and evolved with your Yoga.  Your methods, principles, music selections, and understanding of the art is exhilarating.  Practicing with you is one of my passions!  And I have you to thank as I am now seriously considering my Yoga Certification.  Words cannot express my heartfelt love and gratitude for you! Cheryl Stuart, FL
Hi Amy, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for making  me feel so welcome in your classes, for your encouraging words and for enabling me to be successful! Hugs,
Rhonda Stuart, FL

Thank you, I never knew I could be so relaxed. I have tried other Hatha Yoga classes. Nothing compares to what I experienced today in your class. I will be seeing you every week!
Candise  Stuart, FL 

Your workshop was a fantastic experience! I learned so much about yoga that I had no idea of before. Concentrating on just a few positions really brought understanding as to what has to happen in the body to make the practice of yoga asana happen. Everything your shared was very beneficial. You are a fantastic teacher! The energy that flowed throughout the room during our closing mantra brought tears to my eyes. We all could feel the love and positive energy vibrating throughout the room. It was a wonderful experience. Thanks Amy. 
Lynn  Jensen Beach, FL

In Amy’s class I met wonderful people. Amy is an absolutely wonderful teacher. I was able to connect with all levels of the experience. Thanks, Amy ...Namaste
Eileen Stuart, FL 
Nice*Where's my pick scrape, oh limber one???
Bill, OK

Dear Amy, Among your many talents, you are truly a gifted teacher! Your workshop "de-mystified" seemingly complex and elaborate dance moves bringing them into an understandable and basic format. You gracefully demonstrated the nuance of the moves--through your patient repetition of the steps, even novice dancers were making tremendous improvement in only one lesson! 
Thank you for making health and fitness such a FUN and FUNDAMENTAL part of my life!
Deb Jensen Beach, FL 

Hi, Amy.  Just want to let you know that I love the way you dance! Keep going!
Margo, Stuart, FL

Wow, thank you Amy for your words.  I appreciate them so much.  
Robin Port St. Lucie, FL 

I very much appreciate your guidance and energy in Zumba class. I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful the entire experience was. I really look forward to seeing you again tonight. With your help, I was able to move in ways I never thought possible. I have awful arthritis in my lower back and knees and have had Synvisc treatments and cortisone injections in my knees. Nothing has helped, but somehow in your class I was able to move, and for that I give you my most humble thanks. 
Diane Hobe Sound, FL

You are spreading your wings uplifted by the ocean breezes and waves......you made the correct decision in leaving the desert and heading for the coast............many blessings to you, gentle spirit..............Debra Scottsdale, AZ

What people are saying about Consultations with Ambika Devi  a.k.a. Amy:

Ambika Devi,
You definitely helped, you are amazing!
Amir New York City, NY

Ambika Devi, 
Thank you for helping my find my lost cell phone. I found it right where you said it would be!
Malay Salt Springs, FL
Thank you so much for everything, you have really helped me in going in the right direction with my life.  I have been struggling with that for a while now.  I will certainly put in a good word for you, and I do hope to work again with you soon.  :) 
Jessica Palm City, FL

Thanks to you, thanks for helping me to see the light in me.I promise I'm going to work on my homework... 
Namaste, Johanna Stuart, FL

Amy, thank you, I love you! You are an amazing person with such beautiful light. Thank you for letting it shine :)xo
Tina Scottsdale, AZ

What people are saying about Workshops and Happenings with Ambika a.k.a. Amy:

Good Morning from Blondes Drum 2,

I must share with you that last night - at our first 'inaugural' Pow Wow Now - where Women of the Millennia Bond (W.o.M.B.) - I felt the true meaning of collaborative connection and heartfelt sharing of gifts with other women in this expanding and transformational time in our lives of the Divine Feminine emergence. 

As we created the format for our Pow Wow - using the ritual of pow wow as a starting place to gather women together - we were unsure how we could compile the event and how it would take shape.

Little by little, we matched chants/songs with the purpose and focused intention of our gathering.  Then, it hit me like a lightening bolt......  to gather all that we have learned and experienced and written personally -- shape it, then send it out into the circle to take its form.  So, we did that and So It was!  

You were one of the several women that we want to thank as your work and spirit was vital in this format......what we learned from your CDs; workshops; email sharing; phone calls; and voice messages turned into the most exciting and powerful evening that filled the hearts, bodies, and spirits of the women attending.  They absorbed your music, learned the rhythms with ease, felt the beat and now will begin empowering other women with these feelings, songs, and words.  It was beautiful.

From our time with you, we used Spirit of the Fire Carry Me and Fire, Water, Earth, and Air  -- we thank you for the gift of sharing your spirit.  These powerful songs and unifying words will continue to penetrate the hearts and minds of the attendees and I know they will share them too....and the beat and power of the woman continues to expand.  

Thank you so much.  I wanted you to know that you are a mentor, an inspiration, and a light in our lives. 
Maybe the next Pow Wow Now will call to you too!  We would like to make it a seasonal event and will sit with that possibility as the new year unfolds. 
In a circle of light,
Marilyn and Lynn Jacksonville, FL