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(Add onto a Natal Consultation.)

​The place where you move to and take up residence changes the potentials of your natal Chart. Travel along these lines affect you deeply. When embarking on a new project, considering location strongly changes the outcome. Discover the effects of your present home, where you might move to or where you are planning an event or travel.

Locational Astrology

Astro-Locality $99 per 30 min

(Add onto a Natal Consultation.)

​Each day, week and month the cosmic sky changes. Contact with these shifts alters our feelings and offers new possibilities. Find out how to make use the energy of the stars by knowing their influences upon you in this present moment and times to come.

Transits $99 per 30 min

Natal Consultations are part of the couple’s first session.
Understand the strengths and challenges of your relationship. This can be any type of relationship including business, mate, family member or potential partner.

Compatibility $298 per 90 min for two

Each year the Sun returns to its exact mathematical position of your birth sets themes and trends for the coming year. The Maha Dasha periods show trends for groupings of years and shifts within their time-frames.
Session includes a Solar return Chart Mandala. This is a “Birthday” consultation.

Solar Return and Dashas $99 per 30 min

Add this onto to your Natal session.

The Day, Time and Place of your birth give you a unique mapping of the stars. Find out the potentials of your inner workings. Insights into: Love, Money, Health and Inspiration are revealed. Session includes a Printed Natal Chart Mandala.

$378 for 120 minutes

 $298 for 90 minutes.

Natal Astrology $215 per 60 min​

The Astrology Menu

Astrology Divination of your birth moment and points in time.
The moment you were born provides a blueprint written in an Astronomical shorthand. This holds a tremendous amount of information. Astrology is used to pinpoint timing and locations giving guidance to our choices. Career, Health, Communication, Relationships, Affirmation and Karma will have light shed upon them through the language of Astrology. Individuals will learn a great deal about themselves. Two or more can find the dynamics of their working relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions about Astrology

Can you tell me what an Astrology Consultation is?

Your first Astrology consultation is an interpretation of your Natal Astrology. This is based on the Date, Time and Location of your birth. The moment you were born created a blueprint unique to you. This is a mapping of the where the Sun, Moon and Planets in relationship to your specific location on earth were at the moment of your first breath. The information is in a language that an Astrologer interprets. The realms covered include the strengths and challenges of life concerning: Love, Finance, Health and Higher Knowledge. One's purpose and path are all revealed with this information. Any moment in time possesses such information, therefore all events have natal charts and can be interpreted as such.

What is the difference Western and Eastern Astrology?

Eastern-Jyotish also known as Vedic Astrology and Western-Tripical Astrology have many similarities. As a matter of fact, the Western style utilizes a great deal of information provided by the ancient Eastern form. I have am able to read both ways. The 12 signs of the Zodiac are the same and a 12 house system is used. The Jyotish focuses on Nava Graha or Nine Planets where the Tropical style includes more modern discovery of outer planets, some asteroids and esoteric points in space such as the Lilith Point and Arabic points.

There are varied ways to calculate just where we are on Earth as we fly through space and there are two different time systems providing two perspective viewpoints. The reason why you may be a Libra in Jyotish and a Scorpio in Tropical is due to the degree differences in focal points and the overall movement and measurement. A skilled Astrologer can deduce the same information from each system. Astrologers like myself, are able to see the same view though varied pathways and interpret both systems.

Tropical time is based on the seasons. Siderial measures as per the Galactic Center and the Great Atractor.

What is the difference between Astrology and Tarot?

Astrology is a language and art form based on the science of astronomy. Astrology uses location, time and mathematical angles to produce its information. An Astrologer weaves the information together and tells the story of the chart being used in a consultation.

Tarot is a deck of cards that is shuffled by the client with an intent in mind. The Tarot consultant then lays out a spread and interprets the information contained within the icons of the numbers, symbols and images of the cards.

Both are interpretive processes. Astrology is based on an individuals birth information. Tarot is the random draw of the cards.

If I have specific questions should I do Astrology or Tarot?

Both will address specific questions. Astrology is based on information specific to the individual. Tarot is a random spread of cards. It is totally a matter of personal taste.

Will an Astrology Consultation tell my future?

Because the mapping of the movement of the planets is readily available, forecasting is a natural part of an Astrological Consultation. Please keep in mind as your Astrologer, I am here to help you realize your potential to the best of your ability.

Is an Astrologer the same as a psychic?

A psychic uses their higher self and mind to interpret a querrent's question. An Astrologer is trained in the Language of Astrology, Astronomy and Math as well as being well versed in Mythology to interpret charts and the information they possess. Psychics can be Astrologers. Astrologers can be psychic but these are two is a separate forms.In me you have both!

What if I'm adopted and don't have much information about my birth?

For Astrology it is best to have the complete information of Day, Time and Location. If Time is not available there is still quite a lot that can be interpreted. If the date is unknown it is not possible.

What if I only know the date and year I was born?

There is still quite a lot of information to be shared with a date and location, however the specific moment is a potent ingredient for accuracy. Timing of future events will not be as specific without a time and the Astrologer will have use more ancient techniques to interpret the chart.

Can I bring another person's birth information with me and do part of the reading about them?

If the other individual is consenting to your tapping into their unique information, it is fine. Often Astrology compares the information of two or more individuals to explain relationships.

If I have a specific situation or issue I want to discuss can we spend

the hour doing that?

Yes, absolutely!

Besides two people what else can be compared in an Astrology consultation?

A person can compare themselves to any event for example: a business company if looking at a new job or timing for an event or  trip or pick the perfect moment for signing an agreement or contract. A couple can be guided to pick the perfect moment for a wedding. Conception and fertility can be planned as well as release dates for creative projects.

Astrological Consultations are administered in private sessions. You may also engage Ambika for parties.​​

Astrology July 25, 2003 © Ambika Devi

Astrology is a language that communicates interrelations. Everything in the

universe is connected and in dynamic flux. Astrology is not a causative

language. It is a codification of the story of life. This story unfolds for the

seeker through  beautiful archetypes, mythological stories and illustrative metaphors.

Astrology can be called cosmic code or sidereal shorthand. Astrological information

is likened to the radio waves that give a plane the suggestion of where to go, yet do

not actually guide the craft. Though not tangible to those on the plane, the waves exist. Likewise, the vibrations from the heavenly spheres are always present though not necessarily felt by all.

Astrology addresses the invisible ocean of the cosmos, giving us possibilities of choice for navigation. The messages of the heavenly bodies are received by all beings. What we do with the information depends upon free will and personal choice. Therefore, astrology does not predict the future, but rather suggests a way to navigate it.

Universal movement has been recorded for more than 25,000 years and long celebrated as divine order. The journey of the Sun and Moon for the solstices and equinoxes have long been charted and honored. The Moon guides us as to the best times for planting and harvesting. The stellar configurations and placements have been the essence of ritual practices for millennia. All creatures have celebrated the cycles of the circles within circles as far back as history reaches. Astrology is a beautiful story of light and its journey in the cosmos. All things and beings are frozen light. Light is consciousness. Astrologers are the interpreters and guides for the masses to reclaim their stories. Astrologers are the conveyors of the communications that create this wonderful cosmos we call home.

Great Astrologers tell you the story of who you came to be and help you realize this!


Personal Astrology is the distinct mapping of planetary placements and their unique influences at the time of and individual's birth. A Natal or Birth chart is as individual as a thumb print. Any point in time may be used to create a chart. Therefore any moment or an event comes into play. By comparing a Natal chart with the current positions of the planets, personal effects and trends in your life can be addressed.

The comparison of two natal charts is used for compatibility in business as well as intimate relationships. Members of organizations can be compared to view family, group and tribal hierarchy to gain a clear view of where individuals fit in.

Astro-locality also known as Astr-Cart-ography is a specialized view of how specific places and people from those places effect you. A natal chart is cast upon the map of the world with specialized software to give clear information regarding locations.

Timing and projection give potentials and propensities. I am here to interpret

all of this for you.

As a professional Astrologer

As your Expert Astrologer, I use my professional training and experience to address your questions and give you guidance. I interpret your soul's journey using the mathematical and astronomical language of Astrology as taught to me by my master teachers. For decades I have consulted using Astrology for individuals, large corporations and have appeared on The Learning Channel as a relationship expert. In addition, I have written Astrology for websites, newspapers and online communities.

My passion for Astrology began when I was a child through my favorite books about mythology. I began formal education at age 12. By age 14, I was giving consultations to my friends. I continued on with my education with many great astrologers and spent a decade as an apprentice and ghost writer with Barbara Shere, who wrote for Sedona Journal magazine for more than a decade before her passing. Barbara's gift for interpreting natal charts and Astrocartography also known as locational astrology are foundation stones in my practice.

In 2000 I met Penny Thornton who was formerly Princess Di’s Astrologer. She is considered one of the top relationship astrologers in the world! It was Penny who convinced me to attend college and get a degree in the science I loved. I followed her advice and attended NorthStar College of Astrological Studies in Scottsdale Arizona, where I was blessed to study with many great masters of Astrology including: Darrall Harris, known for her expert abilities with timing and prediction in Las Vegas, NV. Penny Thorton was on board for relationship astrology and Philip Sedgwick the king of Galactic Astrology taught me Astronomy, Calculus for chart calculation, creative writing and advanced theory. In addition I trained with Psychologist Sophia Howland who enriched me with the psychological science of mythology and honed my counseling skills. 

Upon graduating from NorthStar College of Astrological Studies in 2003, I worked for a sales team leader at IBM guiding their strategies for success. Their rating went from the low 500's to the top 50! I also spent six years at the Revive Spa at the J.W. Marriott in Scottsdale, Arizona on call for guests of the resort. During that time I appeared on The Learning Channel as an Astrological Relationship Expert. I went on to publish Monthly Astrology, Horoscopes and a question and answer column in the Spanglish Times Newspaper. I am an active contributing expert for  online communities, have written for blogs for decades,  hosted and appeared on radio shows and published numerous articles and books.

I am available for your private consultation. Subjects to be addressed include: Relationships and Love, Career Path and Money, Health and Happiness, Spirituality and Self discovery, location and most importantly propensities, potentials and life-path. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing what the stars have in store for you! It is a pleasure to be here to guide you!