June21/22 to July 22/23

Ruled by the Moon
Cardinal, Water
Feminine, The Great Yin
Color: Orange-Yellow
Adornment Colors: Silver, Coral, Pastels
Gemstone: Amber and Moonstone
Musical Key note: D#
Body Part: Breasts, Stomach and Solar Plexis
Associated House: 4
Keyword: I Feel
Tarot Card: The Chariot, Lord of the triumph of light
Essential Oil: Onycha
Cellular Salt: Calcium Flouride
Metal: Silver
Cancer is the moving nature of water expressed in the cardinal mode which makes for restlessness white breakers at sea. Passive, receptive and emotional in nature, the changing tides with great depths of feelings are always close by for Cancer. Nothing is ever on the surface for her. All influences affect Cancerians deeply and many will react to situations without realizing. Protective, yearning and sustaining the downside for Cancer can be their tendency to be hurt beyond repair. Essentially Cancer must to learn to nurture self and others. Mother, healer and teacher of emotions, Cancer is the great nurturance for self and for others.


February 18/19 to March 20/21

Ruled by Neptune  
Two Fishes tethered by their tails, appearing to swim

in a circle, yet actually in opposite directions 
Mutable, Water
Feminine, The Great Yin
Color: Violet-Red
Adornment Colors: Sea Greens, white
Gemstone: Pearl
Musical Key note: B
Body Part: The Feet
Associated House: 12
Keyword: I Believe
Tarot Card: The Moon, Child of the sons of the mighty
Essential Oil:      
Cellular Salt: Ferrum Phos                                    
Metal: Platinum                    
Pisces can be nebulous and appear confused. She can feel more deeply than any of the signs and when out of balance, she will block feelings all together. Pisces can not be understood through logic, analysis or pressure. She can become overwhelmed and can suffer from psychosis seeking to escape. Pisces has the ability to possess great amounts of compassion and sacrifice. Pisces is often kind, sympathetic and intuitive but can be vague, careless and not good at dealing with the physical world, feeling much more at home in the psyche. 


January 19/20 to February 18/19

Ruled by Uranus 
The Water Bearer
Fixed, Water
Masculine, The small yang
Color: Purple
Adornment Colors: Iridescent Blues
Gemstone: Glass and Calcedony
Musical Key note: A#
Body Part: Lower Legs, Circulation
Associated House: 11
Keyword: I Know
Tarot Card: The Star, Daughter of the firmament
Essential Oil: Galbanum
Cellular Salt: Natrium Mur
Metal: Uranium
Aquarius can succeed at anything provided he sticks with it. Aquarius’ extremes can be measured in the range of his achievements and failures. In balance, Aquarius is original, inventive, independent and unconventional. His love can feel detached and may be better expressed in groups and for the greater collective.  Conventional situations will never work in any way with Aquarius. He must be imaginative, and non conforming, always forging new paths. Loyal to the truth, stubborn and rebellious, Aquarius is an altruistic genius on a unique path.


December 21/22 to January 19/20

Ruled by Saturn 
The Sea Goat, a mountain goat with a dolphin

or sea serpent’s tail.
Cardinal, Earth
Feminine, The small yin
Color: Violet
Adornment Colors: Dark shades of Blue

and Green, Black
Gemstone: Black Diamond
Musical Key note: A
Body Part: Knees, Bones, Skin, nails and teeth
Associated House: 10
Keyword: I Use 
Tarot Card: The Devil, Lord of the gates of matter
Essential Oil: Musk
Cellular Salt: Calcium Phosphate
Metal: Lead
The Sea Goat rises from the unfathomable depths and ascends to the highest heights. Capricorn is reliable, practical and persistent. A stable Capricorn will be ambitious, conscientious and patient. She has been accused of being cold and rigid, but remember, love is the healing force that dissolves arrogance and selfishness. Capricorn is steady and sure footed. When a goal is set she will achieve it, the easiest way being bending her knees to the higher power without feeling weakened or taken advantage of. Though Feminine, Capricorn represents the Father. She is integrity, the teacher of dogma and responsibility. Dry, patient, steady, sure footed and controlling Capricorn strives to connect the emotion to the spirit.


November 22/23 to December 21/22

Ruled by Jupiter          
The Centaur, The Archer
Mutable, Fire
Masculine, The Great Yang
Color: Blue
Adornment Colors: Deep Blue, Indigo, Blue Purples
Gemstone: Jacinth
Musical Key note: G#                
Body Part: Hips and Thighs 
Associated House: 9
Keyword: I Perceive 
Tarot Card: Temperance, The bringer forth of life
Essential Oil: Sandalwood
Cellular Salt: Silicea
Metal: Tin
Sagittarius is freedom loving, optimistic and foresightful. As the arrow, Sagittarius wants to ascend to the highest heights, as the bow, he can be high strung. Sagittarius loves to move forward whether, walking, hiking, running or traveling. The down side for him is not having a goal clearly set, this will send Sagittarius into a tail spin. Sagittarius can be versatile, dependable and open-minded. With too much input he can become irresponsible, arrogant and dogmatic. Sagittarius sees the big picture give power to law, legal matters, judgement and is the keeper of universal information.


October 23/24 to November 21/22

Ruled by Mars  and Pluto 
The Scorpion, The Snake, The Eagle, The Phoenix
Fixed, Water
Feminine, The Great Yin                                
Color: Blue-Green
Adornment Colors: Deep Reds, Maroon, Red Purples
Gemstone: Snake Stone and Turquoise
Musical Key note: G
Body Part: Loins, Reproductive and Sexual Organs
Associated House: 8
Keyword: I Desire
Tarot Card: Death, The child of the great transformer
Essential Oil: Benzoin
Cellular Salt: Calcium Sulph
Metal: Plutonium
Scorpio possesses the energies of generation, regeneration and degeneration. The potent power of creativity and pro-creativity, Scorpio is the magical energy of sex. Hypnotizing and penetrating, Scorpio exhibits strong energies but have no fear, Scorpions usually sting themselves harder than anyone else. Therefore, Scorpio must let the process happen and be honest about when to let go in order to begin their next creation. Scorpio desires, is determined and has a great mind for the solution needed. An imbalanced Scorpio becomes jealous, secretive, suspicious and resentful. Hypnotizing, detective, desirous, suspicious and secretive, Scorpio teaches about beginnings and endings as well as accepting the reality of death.


September 22/23 to October 22/23

Ruled by Venus 
The Scales of Justice, the sun on the horizon
Cardinal, Air
Masculine, the small yang
Color: Green
Adornment Colors: Lighter blues, softer Pinks, Rose
Gemstone: Emerald
Musical Key note: F#
Body Part: Liver and Kidneys and the Endocrine System
Associated House: 7
Keyword: We Balance
Tarot Card: Justice, Daughter of the lords of truth
Essential Oil: Galbanum
Cellular Salt: Natrium Phosphate            
Metal: Copper
Libra is the search for harmony and partnership. The motto of ‘Peace at any price’ can be the beautiful purpose and the problem in the equilibrium of Libra. His heart must remain light as a feather or he will behave in dysfunctional ways. Libra possesses a refined appearance and is diplomatic, friendly and outgoing. He must watch out for fear, and indecisiveness as well as a tendency to be frivolous, gullible and flirtatious. A stable Libra is romantic and easygoing. Libra wants to shine and to be the jewel in the setting. He feels the ominous swinging of the pendulum and craves calmness, sometimes working too hard thus creating his own disruption.


August 23/24 to September 22/23

Ruled by Mercury 
A Virgin with a shaft of wheat
Mutable, Earth
Feminine, the small yin
Color: Yellow-Green
Adornment Colors: Grey and Navy Blue
Gemstone: Peridot
Musical Key note: F
Body Part: Intestinal Tract and the powers of assimilation
Associated House: 6
Keyword: I Analyze
Tarot Card: The Hermit, Prophet of the eternal
Essential Oil: Narcissus
Cellular Salt: Kali Sulph
Metal: Mercury
Virgo is the sign of work and self improvement which when misused can lead to perfectionism. A collector of things, it is imperative that the Virgin learn to let go of what she compiles and to fully digest thus releasing situations that no longer serve her. She can be meticulous, modest and orderly. The queen of detail, Virgo must learn to accept shortcomings in people and in conditions. Sweet and attractive when balanced, she must learn not to take out her frustrations on herself when things don’t go perfectly or people are not up to par. She is happiest when in service to others. Virgo has an X-ray mind and X-ray vision which gives her the power to dissect any situation and therefore she must learn to use discretion as to what level of calculated feedback is appropriate.


July 22/23/ to August 22/23

Ruled by the Sun 
The Lion
Fixed, Fire
Masculine, The Great Yang
Color: Yellow
Adornment Colors: Gold and Scarlet
Gemstone: Cat’s Eye
Musical Key note: E
Body Part: Heart and Spine  
Associated House: 5
Keyword: I Will
Tarot Card: Strength, Daughter of the flaming sword
Essential Oil: Frankincense
Cellular Salt: Magnesium Phosphate
Metal: Gold
Leo is the king of the jungle and the king of the signs. Faithful  and loyal, magnanimous and courageous, the equalized Leo comes from his heart and is involved in spiritual practices. Well balanced, Leo is honest, direct, and dignified. Stress for Leo comes from the inability to delegate, having arrogance and egotism. He is charismatic, has a child like spirit and needs attention and reassurance. Leo has the will to create. Naturally charismatic and sometimes narcissistic Leo is the ultimate actor and performer. The ability to create the future though acting as if, is best when the outcome envisioned is a positive for all concerned. 


May 21/22 to June 21/22

The Twins
Ruled by Mercury 
Mutable, Air
Masculine, the small yang
Color: Orange
Adornment Colors: All Colors
Gemstone: Tourmaline
Musical Key note: D
Body Part: Lungs, Arms, Nervous System,

Hands, Shoulders
Associated House: 3
Keyword: I Think
Tarot Card: The Lovers, Children of the voice
Essential Oil: Orchid
Cellular Salt: Kali Mur
Metal: Mercury
Logic, wit and humor are the best forms of communication for Gemini as he possesses a restless intellect. Gemini needs to see his big dreams and big schemes one tiny bite of information at a time. He can get lost seeking the initial steps as they are not always easy to find. Gemini can be neurotic, which can lead to nervous breakdowns. The up side is in their achievement of letting go and letting God. Gemini is versatile, inquisitive and spontaneous shining through their self expression. Versatile Gemini has a great thirst for knowledge enjoying many facets and a great variety of subjects.


April 20/21 to May 21/22

Ruled by Venus 
The Bull 
Fixed, Earth
Feminine, the small yin
Color: Red-Orange
Adornment Colors: Pink and Blue
Gemstone: Topaz
Musical Key note: C#
Body Part: Neck, Throat, Cerebellum
Associated House: 2
Keyword: I Have
Tarot card: The Hierophant Magus of the eternal
Essential Oil: Vanilla
Cellular Salt: Natrium Sulph
Metal: Copper
Taurus represents property, money, values and fertility. Slow, steady, affectionate and charming, Taurus collects processions and clings to what is theirs. The down side of Taurus is her stubbornness with a strong dislike of being contradicted. She is charming, reliable and strongly rooted in her opinions. Luxury, art and good creature comforts are what she craves, laziness is the nemesis that can get the better of her. She is particularly patient, reliable and practical and has a strong need for security. Taurus does best when proceeding in a slow and steady manner.


March 20/21 to April 20/21

Ruled by Mars                         
The Ram    
Cardinal, Fire
Masculine, The Great Yang
Essence Color: Red                
Adornment Colors: Scarlet, Reds
Gemstone: Ruby
Musical Key note: C
Body Part: The Head
Associated House: 1
Keyword: I Am
Tarot card: The Emperor, Sun of the Morning
Essential Oil: Pepper
Cellular Salt: Kali Phos
Metal: Iron
Aries is the emergence, the dawn and the beginning of the beginning. Flaming force and primitive he is self expression with bursting energy. Aries evokes the will to begin and the cosmic principle of action.  The un-evolved Aries will impulsively bash through walls and destroy what he has yet to discover, while the more evolved He will use his free will to develop his higher mind and intellect in order to create his future. Aries possesses a pioneering spirit with courage and a blunt manner. Aries can achieve and attain that which he desires but must make sure he does not destroy that which and those he loves in the process.

The Twelve Zodiac Signs