Ambika Devi received a Master’s degree in Yoga Vedanta Education from the Hindu University of America in 2012. In addition, her undergraduate degrees include a BFA and Teaching Degree from UArts, a BS in Astrology from NorthStar College of Astrological Studies and a title in TCM Meridian Therapy. She is a Reiki III High Master and a Shiatsu Master of Soku Riku. Her additional training includes a certification in Oriental Meridian Therapy, Reflexology from the International School of Foot reflexology, Eriksonian Hypnosis, and NLP. She is currently conducting Doctoral research for a PhD in Meditation with Yoga-Samskrutham University.

The Arts
Ambika Devi is as creative as she is academic. She taught fine arts and holistic health in three states for more than two decades. Her visual artwork has won awards and her music projects have been featured on the radio and television.


As a Master Astrologer she worked for the JW Marriott Revive Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona, appeared on TLC The Learning Channel as a relationship expert and guided a sales team for IBM over the course of six years. She continues to advise high profile clients from around the globe and makes regular radio and TV appearances.


Ambika picked up her first deck of Tarot cards at the age of 7 and began reading professionally in 1972. She is a Certified Grand Tarot Master with the International Tarot Guild and leads monthly Tarot Get-togethers and classes as well as giving readings in venues including her local Metaphysical emporium, on-line sites and private consultations.

Ambika Devi is an Astrologer, author and creative dreamer. She stuffs her backpack with colored pens, a journal, a kindle, a passport and a deck of tarot cards. Her pockets are filled with multiple degrees and decades of teaching. Her work is as a Master Astrologer, Professor, Ceremonialist, Author, PublisherYoga-Next educator, and Guild certified Tarot Grandmaster.  Ambika worked as a professional musician and visual artist for thirty years and instills the importance of creativity in her students and clients.

Her teaching is built on years of rich training in a multitude of yoga and meditation styles. She is a life-long Yogini who began her study at age seven and then started teaching as a teen in 1977.  Ambika believes that meditation is an integral practice and connection to the Divine. She uses techniques of breath, sound, writing, drawing and traditional seated meditation with students to give the experience of being timeless. This inspires the realization of being happy, feeling healthy and full of vitality.

Inspired sound is the steady drumbeat of her heart and the healing vibrations of her magical voice. Over the years her bands have toured the United States and Mexico playing Reggae, Nuevo Flamenco, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Acoustic and Kirtan at resorts, yoga centers and for private parties. She has five self-published CDs and in 2010 signed as an artist on the Invincible Music label. Her most recent album "Enchantment" is a blend of world music that is as innovative as it is meditative. Some of the sacred mantras in this album are closer to the way Ambika Devi first heard them sung by her beloved teachers. Others began as written words, passed on to her through friends or discovered in reading. Each of the mantras in this collection is joyous, divine inspiration.

Author and Publisher
The gift of communication flows through Ambika Devi in written words. Ambika won the 2018 mARTies award for excellence in literature. In 2018 and 2017 she was named one of the the Top Fifty Authors You Should Be Reading by the Author's Show. In 2016 she was named one of the Top 10 Writers of the Treasure Coast. Her first novel Lilith, published by her company Mythologem Press, won Finalist/2nd Place in the 2015 International Book Awards for New Age Fiction. The story skillfully intertwines three myths in a mystical trip through dreamscapes and the streets of South Philadelphia. Lilith, the feisty heroine engages in conversations with her guardian nature spirits, has flashbacks about her family and realizations about relationships and love. Ambika's second book Unfolding Happiness is a collaboration with Dr. Vijay Jain. It is a treatise on the topics of happiness, health and Ayurveda which was named one of the Top hundred Indie books of 2016.

New Book

The Wizard and the Wrench is Ambika's newest publication was released September 13,  2018.

It is a collection of poetry, art and photography sure to ignite your senses in collaboration with Dominic Albanese.

Holistic Health

Ambika taught Holistic health at three different Colleges in three states over twenty one years. She worked as a tester for the American Massage Therapy Association for ten years and helped write the code of ethics for the National Bodywork Association as well as test questions on the examination. Ambika studied with Master Herbalists and Aromatherapists, soothed clients as a Massage Therapist and worked as a Medical Intuitive for Acupuncturists and Chiropractors. She is well versed in electromagnetic protocols including Rife and Beck technologies and worked alongside master healers in clinics for 29 years. Her areas of expertise include: Soku Riku Shiatsu, Reflexology, Swedish and Deep Muscle Massage, Joint Manipulation, Aromatherapy, Chinese and Western Herbology, Blood Type and Ayurveda diet, Oriental Pathology and Reiki. Her curriculum is vast and her knowledge makes her a walking reference library of information.


Ambika has been a professor since 1983. She began instructing at the secondary level in 1984 and went on to teach Holistic Health at the University level in 1988. Currently Ambika is the Dean of Psychic Arts and Professor of Divination, Psychic Arts, Magickal Practices, Healing, Lore, Natural Philosophy, and Mathemagicks at the Grey School of Wizardry. Her specialty topics include: Meditation, Metaphysics, Energy Anatomy, Astrology, Divination, Mythology, Lore, and Writing. She an expert creator of curriculum and brilliant advisor and is a mentor for Yoga-Samskrutham University.


Ambika Devi’s passions are traveling, teaching and lecturing around the world. Her wanderlust began as a child when her parents would take her out of school each year for a month at a time to explore, Europe and the East. In this way she was taught understanding through the music, art and food of various cultures. She has lived in the Caribbean and taught on the Maya Gold Coast of Mexico. Her great love for the earth and nature has taken her many beautiful places. She has led dream and Astrology  groups to Greece and most recently shamanic journeys to the Altoplano of Perú for Another Planet Peru.

Many places call to her for visits in the near future. Suggest where you would like to travel and you are invited to join her on the next excursion! Be sure to bring your journal as she is sure to inspire you as a writer and artist! Here is a taste of her travel style!

All of Ambika Devi's teachings weave a deep honoring of our connection to the Divine Feminine, the Infinite Masculine and the powerful magnetic force of Prana Shakti combined with the wisdom of Vedanta philosophy. She encourages her students to practice on and off the mat and to open their hearts in service to their communities and the beauty of diversity.

Ambika Devi is available for individual Consultations and Coaching sessions, Team building, Training and workshops internationally, in person and via the phone and the web.

Ambika Devi sends you many blessings and honors Your Light, Our Light and that we are all One with Divine Light!

Many great teachers have infused her mind, body and spirit with their knowledge and love. As a result, she has many mystical ways to invite you into the timeless state of being. Highlights and passions of Ambika's are the teachings of the Vedas and her connection to Ganesha.


Ambika met Swami Vishnudevanada Saraswati in the 1960s. The great teacher gave her shaktipat which inspired spontaneous study of the writing of Swami Satchidananda Saraswati through the book by Peter Max entitled Thought. She went on to learn through the lineages of Sivananda and his disciple Swami Vishnudevananda. Simultaneously she studied the teachings of  Swami Kripalu  through his disciple Yogi Amrit Desai. Ambika followed in both lineages and began teaching meditation and Yoga in the 1970s. These teachings  influence her personal philosophy to the present. Over the decades she has received numerous certifications as a teacher of Yoga including:  Traditional Hatha Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Somatics, and The Integrative Amrit Methods™ Yoga Teacher’s Training Levels I and II as well as Yoga Nidra Teacher’s Training.

All About Ambika Devi MA, PhDc