Policies and procedures for appointments and lessons with Ambika Devi

Following through on commitment is of the utmost importance for both you as Client and Student and for me as your instructor and Life Coach. A favorite creative spirit of mine, Woody Allen said “90% of success is showing up!”

Therefor, I handle my commitment and agreement with you with the maximum level of integrity.

What I promise is to be prepared, on time and completely available and attentive.

What I expect from you is to honor our agreement of stipend, to show up on time and to be ready to learn and transform.

Payments  are preferred in cash for in-person appointments.

All on-line appointments must be paid 72 hours in advance of start-time. An invoice is sent to you via Square when appointment is booked and you are asked to pay it in a timely manner.

Should you need to cancel your appointment:
I understand that sometimes a cancellation needs to happen. In the case of emergencies I prefer to hear your side of the story and handle things as needed.

*First time appointment cancellations are accepted 72 hours in advance of the agreed upon time.

*If you are a new client and cancel last minute or just don’t show up, you are charged 50% of the value of your session. In order to reschedule you must pay me in full in advance of a proximal appointment.

For payments I send you an invoice to make up for missed appointments and for me to hold an appointment with you in the future.

*If you are a new client and miss two attempts at your appointment, you owe me 100% of the agreed on price. An invoice will be sent to you via Square.

To avoid this charge, should you still desire an appointment, you must pay in advance within 72 hours for your appointment and no additional fees are expected.

*There is no such thing as a third miss and all transactions are final!