Ambika Devi MA
Consciousness Guide & Alternative Life Coach
Author & Vak-Yogini
Psychic & Spiritual Adviser

Master Astrologer &
Guild Certified Tarot Master

a.k.a. Chica de las Estrellas

In my backpack: Colored pens and a journal, my Kindle and a deck of Tarot cards.
In my hand: a cup of spicy chai with almond milk.
In my pocket: Yoga, Meditation, Astrology, Tarot, Psychic Vision, Sacred Sounds, Dream Interpretation, Music, Dance, & Mystical Travel.
In my background:
MA Yoga Vedanta Education
BFA, BS Education, BS Astrology
Reiki III High Master, Soku Riku Shiatsu Master
Reflexology III, Hypnosis & NLP, ERYT-500, RYT-500 Yoga Alliance.

News: My first Novel "Lilith" published by Inkwell Productions. Travel the world and learn with me!
Engage me: for your next corporate event, private session and enlightened learning opportunities.
On my desk: Course and curriculum development for Doctoral studies in Vak-Yoga, the induction of profoundly peaceful meditation through sound and breath with Yoga Samskrutham University.

I honor: Your Sound and Light, Our Sound and Light and that we are all One with Divine Vibration!

Let us be joyously creative! Read more about my work in
Astrology, Yoga,  Dance, Music, Holistic Healing and  my artwork everywhere on this site.  I am here to infuse you with joy, happiness and healing!   

I am here to guide you.
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Ambika in PA May 28-June 9 2015

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June 24-July 3, 2015 Amazing!
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All Sessions by appointment

Accepting workshop and lecture bookings for 2015 - 2017!

 Ambika Devi MA


About My NEW Book: Lilith

Lilith is a mystical trip through dreamscapes and the streets of South Philadelphia. We follow a feisty heroine as she engages in conversations with her guardian nature spirits, has flashbacks about her family and realizations about relationships and love.
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Kindle Version

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My Newest CD  


Yoga Music Video by Ambika Devi & Invincible Music

Practice Yoga Nidra at home and experience integrative relaxation and create a daily practice of Yoga Nidra.
This guided meditation effectively dissolves and resolves: stress, exhaustion, depression, insomnia fear and anxiety with immediate results! 

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Alternative Life Coaching

Alternative Life Coaching

I am an Alternative Life Coach and Spiritual Advisor. My tools: Yoga, Meditation, Astrology, Tarot, Psychic Vision, Sacred Sounds, Dream Interpretation, Music, Dance, & Mystical Travel.

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